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          Achillea Millefolium Cerise Queen

          Achillea Millefolium - Cerise Queen This is a hardy perennial variety, which has wonderful cherry red flowers, and grows to the height of 60cm. Sow indoors in autumn in prepared seed...

          Achillea Millefolium Summer Berries Mixed

          Achillea Millefolium - Summer Berries Mixed This is a superb mixture of red, cerise, pink and pastel shade flowers, which grow to the height of 75cm. Sow indoors in autumn in...

          Achillea Fillipendula Cloth of Gold

          Achillea Fillipendula - Cloth of Gold This hardy perennial grows to around 120cm tall. The flower has brilliant yellow, flat flowerheads in summer. They dry well for winter decoration, with the...

          Kings Seeds Achillea Summer Berries F2 40 Seed

          Easy to grow, first year flowering hardy perennial producing attractive fruity colours. Attracts bees and butterflies.

          Achillea Ptarmica Ballerina

          Achillea Ptarmica - Ballerina This variety features pure white button-like double flowers growing from bushy green plants. It is easy to grow and long lasting, and it is excellent for both...

          Johnsons Achillea Summer Berries 50 Seeds

          Achillea - Summer BerriesThis is a delightful, easy to grow mix of rich colours perfect for borders and cutting. It also attracts butterflies and bees to the garden.

          Franchi Seeds of Italy - Flower - FDBF_ 300-40 - Achillea Filipendulina - Gialla - Seeds

          ACHILLEA FILIPENDULINA GIALLA - Rustic perennial which reaches a height of around 120cm. Easy to grow, it produces umbrella shaped clusters of intense yellow flowers. Blooms thoughout the summer in containers...