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        Cucamelon This is an unusual and newly popular vegetable. It is a vigorous climber that produces grape sized melon / cucumber. These fruits taste a bit like cucumbers with a tinge...

        Cucmber Bush Champion

        Cucumber - Bush Champion This variety bears fruit earlyon in cool, cloudy conditions even when there are no bees or male flowers around. Its medium-size fruits are long and very tasty....

        Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green F1

        Cucumber - Burpless Tasty Green F1 This variety produces long slender fruits of excellent flavour. It is highly digestable and bitter free. Be sure to use support, outside or indoors. Sow...

        Cucumber Crystal Lemon

        Cucumber - Crystal Lemon The fruits produced are lemon-sized making them perfect size for pickling, stuffing or just slicing into salads. This time is for outdoor cultivation. With a tangy flavour,...

        Cucumber Marketmore

        Cucumber - Marketmore This is a very high quality and popular ridge-slicing type. It has dark green fruit which grows to about 20cm in length. It has great disease resistance, and...

        Cucumber Mini Munch F1

        This variety features plants with medium vigour and very little side branching and is bred for protected cropping. It features multiple flowers and fruits per node. The 8-10cm fruit is mid...

        Cucumber Perfection

        Cucumber - Perfection This variety produces large ridge type cucumbers that are ideal for home production. Sow the seed from April to May. Keep the temperature at 25C and maintain this...

        Cucumber Telegraph Improved

        Cucumber - Telegraph ImprovedThis is the nearest old variety to a glasshouse type. It produces medium-long, dark green fruits. It can be grown outside, under glass or polythene tunnels or in...

        Franchi Organic BIOB37/29 Cucumber Marketmore Seeds

        British variety for indoors our out. Not too long, juicy with some spines on and the one we always grow at home.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy - DBO 37/32 - Cucumber - White Wonder - Seeds

        CUCUMBER WHITE WONDER - early. Plant produces short creamy- white fruits with few spines and very consistant flesh. Indicated for pickling and preserving.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy - DBO 37/39 - Cucumber Melon - Tortarello Barese - Seeds

        CUCUMBER MELONE TORTARELLO ABRUZZESE DARK- Mid early vigorous and productive plant, long green fruits. It's good when it's fresh.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Cucumber Beth Alpha Seeds

        GHERKIN BETH ALPHA Mid-early. Vigorous plant of good production producing smooth, green, spineless cornichons about 12/13 cm long.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Cucumber Marketmore Seeds

        CUCUMBER MARKETMORE Early. Vigorous productive plant, with tightly packed leaves. Dark green cylindrical fruits with very few spines and an intense flavour.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Cucumber Melon Carosello Medio Lungo Pugliese Seeds

        CUCUMBER MELONE CAROSELLO MEDIUM LONG FROM PUGLIA- Mid-early vigorous plant, good production. The fruits have small dimensions, intense green colour.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Cucumber Piccolo Verde Di Parigi Seeds

        GHERKIN PICCOLO DI PARIGI Early. Excellent cropper of these small, cylindrical, light green fruits. Few spines, intense flavour, make them ideal for pickling.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Cucumber Sensation Seeds

        CUCUMBER SENSATIONS - this is a growers variety, mid to late, long with smooth skin. Juicy with optimum flavour, Sow in Spring.

        Johnsons Seeds - Vegetable - Cucumber - Marketmore 70 - ORGANIC - 25 Seeds

        Organically grown cucumber seed for high yielding outdoor crops. A classic ridge cucumber with great flavour, best picked when approx 20cm long.

        Johnsons Seeds Cucumber Beth Alpha 40 Seeds

        Cucumis sativus Sweet, mini-cues, a traditional favourite still popular today Prolific crops of high quality, fantastically sweet baby cues. For best flavour pick when 10-15cm long. Best grown in a greenhouse...

        Kings Seeds Cucamelon 20 Seeds

        Cucamelon Rampant, trailing vines produce a constant stream of fruit throughout the summer. The grape-sized cucumbers have the taste of watermelon mixed with a fresh tinge of lime. Sow the seed...

        Kings Seeds Cucumber Crystal Lemon 30 Seeds

        Cucumber - Crystal Lemon This variety produces quite a distinct, round, pale coloured fruits. The plant is very vigorous and prolific. Sow the seeds from April to May. Sow seed on...

        Kings Seeds Cucumber Femspot F1 4 Seeds

        Cucumber - Femspot This variety is an old favourite. Femspot F1 is an early cropping, all female cucumber of superb quality, producing long, bitter free, ribbed cucumbers. These plants need heat...

        Kings Seeds Cucumber La Diva 25 Seeds

        Cucumber - La Diva La Diva is an all American selection winner. The fruits are extra sweet and non-bitter with a smooth thin skin. Sow the seeds from April to June...

        Kings Seeds Cucumber Mini Munch F1 4 Seeds

        Small mini-sized cucumbers ideal for lunch boxes. An early all female hybrid of medium vigour with very little side branching. Bred for protected cropping producing multiple flowers and fruits per node....