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        Echium Pininana Blue Steeple Tower of Jewels

        Echium Pininana - Blue Steeple Tower of JewelsThis is a spectacular plant, it initially produces a palm tree-like rosette with a thick woody stem. After about a year or two a...

        Echium Snow Tower

        Echium pininana - White Tower This variety reaches upto 15 feet, and has a truly spectacular, pure white flower, which flowers in June. Sow finely and evenly. Cover thinly with compost...

        Echium Pininana Pink Fountain

        Echium Pininana - Pink Fountain This variety produces an amazing flower in June . This is a cross between two Echium varieties. The flower can be upto 15 inches wide and...

        Echium Blue Bedder

        Echium - Blue Bedder This annual has bright blue, bell-shaped flowers, produced in clusters from June to September. They reach the height of 30cm. Sow from March onwards at a temperature...