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    Thompson & Morgan - Mr Small - Flower - Nasturtium - Whirlybird Mixed - 25 Seeds

    Mr. Small is so small, probably the smallest person you've seen in your life, his garden is teeny weeny so when he told me his plan to grow some plants, I...

    Thompson & Morgan - EasyGrow - Flower - Marigold - Legion Of Honour - 75 Seeds

    Beautiful single-flowered variety bearing pretty bicoloured blooms all summer. Perfectly suited to bedding, borders or containers in a full sun position.

    Thompson & Morgan - Flower - Morning Glory - Hazelwood Blues - 35 Seeds

    A stunning mix of blue shades, bringing together some of the most attractive colours available. A vigorous climber, ideal for covering fences or a trellis. Also attractive in patio containers or...

    Thompson & Morgan - Flower - Nasturtium - Bolero Mixed - 30 Seeds

    Bushy, free flowering plants in a delightful range of colours, easily seen as the decorative blooms sit neatly above the foliage. East to grow, adding colour to borders', containers or baskets.

    Thompson & Morgan - Flower - Sweet Pea - Purple Pimpernel - 20 Seeds

    A stunning colour combination, two attractive shades of deep and light purple make up these attractive bicolour blooms. Traditional climbing plants produce strong, long stems of exhibition quality with 4 to...

    Thompson & Morgan - Little Miss Splendid - Flower - Poppy - Flanders - 2000 Seeds

    There's nothing more splendid than popping my head up out of the ground and seeing a wonderful display of red poppies. These are Little Miss Splendid's favourite flowers and she loves...

    Thompson & Morgan - Flower - Dianthus - Purple Crown - 150 Seeds

    Large clusters of fragrant single flowers in a range of dark purple and white bicolours. Easy to grow and requiring little maintenance, these Sweet Williams can also be grown as annuals...

    Thompson & Morgan - Flower - Calendula - Snow Princess - 50 Seeds

    The pure white blooms of Calendula �Snow Princess� make a striking contrast to the vivid hues of other easy annuals such as blue cornflowers or pink nigella. Scatter the seeds as...

    Thompson & Morgan - EasyGrow - Flower - Calendula - Art Shades Mixed - 125 Seeds

    An easy-to-grow annual for bedding and borders. Large frilly blooms in a mix of colours, from deep orange to cream, are long flowering and great for cutting.

    Thompson & Morgan - EasyGrow - Flower - Godetia - Little Frills Mix - 400 Seeds

    Easy-to-grow summer bedding. Hundreds of brightly coloured flowers make a spectacular display grown en-masse in beds or borders.

    Thompson & Morgan - Grow Kit - Acer - Includes 5 Different Seed Packets

    These Seed Growing Kits are great presents for any garden lover, or alternatively, just as ideal for someone who might like to kick start their gardening hobby with a selection of...

    Thompson & Morgan - Mr Clever - Flower - Calendula - Fruit Twist - 60 Seeds

    Mr. Clever is so clever. He knows so many things. He knows all about plants and how they grow. He's always telling people what to do in their gardens and how...