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        Kings Seeds Herb Basil Classic Italian

        The most popular variety with a strong scent. Use is pasta sauces and salads, especially with tomato. Combines well with garlic.

        Kings Seeds Herb Thyme

        Very decorative low shrub with pink flowers very attractive to bees. Use leaves for flavouring meat. Full sun and well drained soil.

        Kings Seeds Herb Mint Green

        There is nothing quite like going out to your garden and picking your own freshly grown herbs to use in your dinner or to put into a summer drink.Mint leaves are...

        Herb Basil Fine Minette

        Basil - Fine Minette Features small leaves and compact bushy habit. Height: 45cm. Features fine flavour, which is best used fresh in tomato dishes, salads and cheese. Basil thrives in rich,...

        Kings Seeds Herb French Sorrel Green De Belleville

        There is nothing quite like using your own home grown herbs from your garden to add flavour and vibrance to cooked dishes.The bright green leaves of French Sorrel have a sharp...

        Kings Seeds Herb Chervil Curled

        There is nothing quite like adding your own home grown herbs to your cooking and salads.Chervil Curled produces fern-like leaves giving a delicate ainseed like taste in mild flavoured dishes. This...

        Kings Seeds Herb Dill

        Nothing tastes quite as good as freshly picked herbs from your very own garden.Dill seeds are a common ingredient in pickles and sauces. It goes perfectly with fish dishes and can...

        Kings Seeds Herb Basil Queen of Sheba

        Highly ornamental with  intense purple flowers which contrast beautifully with the bright green, very highly-scented foliage and  intense flavour. So attractive in borders or containers you may choose not  to pick...