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        Johnsons Calendula Snow Princess 75 Seeds

        Uniquely coloured, double flowered pot marigold Incredibly easy to grow, with large creamy white flowers.  Perfect as a filler for any gaps in mixed borders or as stylish cut flowers. Height:...

        Johnsons Seeds - Edible Flower - Calendula Kinglet Mix

        An unusual and highly distinctive form of this popular and easy to grow cottage garden annual. Ideal as a filler in borders and lovely as a cut flower. Height:�60CM�Plant Class:�Hardy Annual...

        Johnsons Seeds Calendula Calexis Yellow 50 Seeds

        Easy to grow compact plants with ‘cactus’ flowers, so called for their unusually quilled, spiky petals. Has Fleuroselect Novelty status. Height: 30cm ant Hardy Annual