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        Johnsons Pea (Sugarsnap) Nairobi 250 Seeds

        Highly versatile, wonderfully sweet and crunchy pods that can be eaten whole when young or shelled when mature.  Shows excellent resistance to powdery mildew, ensuring reliable harvest and great tasting pods....

        Johnsons Organic Pea Rondo 150 Seeds

        Vigorous bushy plants produce exceptional yields of large pods held in pairs, with each containing up to 10 succulent and great tasting peas. Plants show good resistance to Fusarium wilt and...

        Johnsons Seeds - Vegetable - Pea - Valido

        A high yielding maincrop variety producing masses of large, pointed pods each containing 9-11 medium size peas. With outstanding resistance to mildew, the pods can be picked late into the season...