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        Turnip Snowball

        Turnip - Snowball This is an old variety that is still very popular. It is white skinned and matures quite quickly. Sow for an early crop from March to May, sow...

        Turnip Purple Top Milan

        Turnip - Purple Top Milan This is a very early, flat root variety, which is ideal for forcing. Sow for an early crop from March to May, sow from July to...

        Turnip Veitches Red Globe

        Turnip - Veitches Red GlobeThis is a small round variety which has white skin and a red top. It has tender white flesh and is ideal for sowing in the spring....

        Turnip Golden Ball

        Turnip - Golden Ball This is a very hardy variety with golden flesh, and therefore it is an ideal variety for autumn sowing Sowing can commence in February to April, with...