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        Johnsons Lavender Hidcote Strain 100 Seeds

        Lavender - Hidcote StrainA popular favourite, the flowers bustle with bees and butterflies in summer and attract pollinators and predators that help keep your garden healthy. It is superb in containers...

        Johnsons Lavender Munstead Strain 150 Seeds

        Lavender - Munstead StrainThis is a much loved variety with aromatic leaves and flowers which can be cut and dried and attracts butterflies and bees to the garden. It is best...

        Mr Fothergills Lavender Hidcote Blue Strain 100 Seeds

        Lavender - Hidcote Blue Strain This is a favourite with bees. It is a compact plant with deep blue flowers and contrasting foliage. It is lovely as a fragrant low hedge...

        Kings Seeds Lavender Stoechas French Lavender 125 Seed

        The true French lavender with tiny fragrant deep purple flowers topped by redy-purple bracts. Stunning in borders or containers.Height: 60cm

        Johnsons Lavender French 35 Seeds

        Lavender - FrenchScented, evergreen leaves and purple flowers on a compact shrub make a lovely show in borders, pots and tubs.

        Kings Seeds Lavatera Dwarf Pink Blush 100 Seed

        Dwarf, bushy and free flowering, producing large white flowers with intriguing pink striations. Height 70cm

        Unwins Lavender Ellagance Ice (Recommended) 20 Seeds

        Lavender - Ellagance Ice This is a cool, compact and sophisticated addition to bedds, borders and patio containers. Ellagance Ice is a higly scented new English Lavender with branched bushy plants,...

        Mr Fothergills Lavender French 35 Seeds

        Lavender - French This variety features unusual, aromatic, silver-grey leaves and small purple flowers topped with rose-purple bracts. This hardy shrub may need some protection, and reaches the height of 60cm....

        Johnsons Sarah Raven's Lavender Stoechas French 35 Seeds

        Lavender Stoechas - FrenchThis is a beautiful rabbit's ear lavender, with much showier, velvety flowers than the usual English garden forms. It flowers for ages, smells fantastic and is always busy...

        Unwins Nature's Haven Lavender Munstead Strain 150 Seeds

        Nature's Haven - Lavender Munstead Strain Loved by bees, this popular perennial is a great addition to any garden. Timeless elegance and beauty make this lavender something that is a must...

        Unwins Lavender Munstead Strain 150 Seeds

        An old favourite and traditional cottage plant and loved by bees. It's as tough as old boots yet remains incredibly elegant and sophisticated. This low-maintenance plant is ideal for planting in...