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        Unwins Little Growers Lettuce Cut 'n' Come Again 500 Seeds

        Little Growers - Lettuce - Cut 'n' Come Again Impress your friends and grow several bowls of salad from this one packet of seed. It is so easy you won't believe...

        Unwins Lettuce (Leaves) (Lamb's) Elan 400 Seeds

        A welcome change from 'normal' lettuce, this delicious vegetable can be harvested all year round, but is particularly useful if autumn sown to produce winter and early spring crops. It is...

        Unwins Lettuce (Leaves) Mixed Salad Leaves 1000 Seeds

        We have blended Red and Green Salad Bowl, Lollo Rossa and Biondi to give a plentiful supply of attractive and delicious leaves.For cut and come again, harvest the seedling leaves as...

        Unwins Lettuce (Loose) Lollo Rossa 300 Seeds

        Attractively fringed and crinkled pale green leaves with a crimson edge form a loose heart.  They add colour to the salad bowl and they have a great flavour!

        Unwins Lettuce Spicy Baby Leaf 500 Seeds

        A tasty mix of hot, cool and refreshing salad leaves. Includes Pak Choi, Mizuna, Tatsol, Mustard and Cress. Really easy to grow in containers and great for salads and garnishes.

        Unwins Lettuce Allsorts 1200 Seeds

        Four favourites in one packet - Perfect for lovers of summer salads!Little gem (cos)Webbs Wonderful (iceburg)All the Year Round (butterhead)Lollo Rossa (red looseleaf)

        Unwins Lettuce Baby Leaf Mix 500 Seeds

        We have blended Red and Green Salad Bowl, Lollos Rossa and Biondi, and the curiously named Black Seeded Simpson lettuces to give you a plentiful supply of attractive and delicious leaves...

        Unwins Lettuce (Butterhead) Hilde II 1300 Seeds

        Produces large full heads of superb flavour.The lime-green leaves are deliciously thick and tender.Very versatile, it can be sown successionally to crop virtually all summer and autumn.

        Unwins Lettuce (Leaves) Lamb's Trophy 300 Seeds

        Trophy is an excellent lamb;s lettuce or also know as corn salad or salad mache. Trophy produces high yields right throughout the summer and spring and is slow to bolt. It...

        Unwins Lettuce (Loose) Greenpick 700 Seeds

        Enjoy sweet and crispy salads with this loose-leafed lettuce. With attractive light green serrated leaves, you can grow in pots & containers or in the vegetable plot. Pick as individual leaves...