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        Organic Beetroot Detroit

        Organic Beetroot - Detroit Maincrop variety producing large, good quality roots. Sow thinly in shallow drills around 1.5cm (3/4") deep with 30cm (12") between the rows. The best time to sow...

        Franchi Organic BIOB11/10 Beetroot Detroit Seeds

        Round heirloom and very traditional variety. Beetroot is easy to grow and has that lovely earthy flavour. When boiling them, always leave an inch of stalk so the colour doesn't bleed...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Beetroot Boliva 250 Seeds

        Tender globe shaped roots with smooth skins and a rich, deep red colour. Ideal for harvesting as baby beets while young and sweet; or let them mature for a delicious full...

        Organic Vegetable Beetroot Bolivar

        Beetroot - BolivarThis organic seed has tender dark red roots. They can be harvested as baby beets when they are young or left to mature as large rootsSow from April onwards,...