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        Johnsons Organic Cabbage (Savoy) Bloemendaalse Gele 30 Seeds

        A mid-size white cabbage with dense heads and an excellent, traditional flavour. Resists disease and bolting, to hold its quality until harvested.

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Cabbage Caraflex F1

        An improved Hispi type with slightly larger pointed heads that stands a little longer. Very fast growing and versatile for sowing and harvesting.

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Cabbage Langedijker Bewaar

        Forms attractive dark red cabbages of 2-3kg which keep well in a cool place.

        Organic White Cabbage Kalorama RZ F1

        Organic White Cabbage - Kalorama RZ F1   This is a top quality commercial variety from Rijk Zwaan now available for everyone to try. It is foil packed for extra freshness....

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Savoy Cantasa F1

        Fantastic dark green, flattish round heads on a short stem with dark green, finely blistered outer leaves. Stands well making it ideal for late autumn and winter harvest.

        Organic Vegetable Cabbage Enkhuizen Glory

        Cabbage Enkhuizen GloryThis is organic seed. This is an popular autumn variety which has stood the test of time. It produces large deep green semi-flat heads. Stands well after it matures....

        Organic Vegetable Cabbage Cuor Di Bue

        Cabbage Cuor Di BueThis is organic seed. It is a large pointed and hearted cabbage which matures in early autumn. The leaves are light green in colour and will hold well...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Cabbage Enkuizen Glory

        The traditional autumn maturing variety with large semi-flat heads of good deep green colour. Will stand well into early autumn when ready.