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        Organic Carrot Early Nantes

        Organic Carrot - Early Nantes This type is a vigorous grower produces 16cm long, cylindrical, blunt ended deep red/orange roots. Sow from March through to August for a harvest from June...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Carrot Resistafly

        A good resistance to carrot fly. Broad stump end roots with smooth skins and good flavour.

        Organic Carrot Flakkee

        Organic Carrot - Flakkee This type is easy to grow and although considered a main crop variety, can be successionally planted to give a continuous crop, producing large, thick roots. It...

        Organic Carrot Autumn King

        Organic Carrot - Autumn King   This is a popular variety that produces long heavy roots with great colour. Sow from March through to August for a harvest from June to...

        Johnsons Organic Carrot Rothild 350 Seeds

        A large Autumn King type producing reliable and generous crops of great tasting roots with deep colour. Great for using raw or in cooked dishes.

        Unwins Carrot Rothild (Organic) 900 Seeds

        Great sweet flavoured carrots with a high level of carotene content making them excellent for juicing. They're delicious eaten raw as well as cooked. A strong variety that grows well in...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Carrot Flyaway F1 300 Seeds

        Organic Carrot - Flyaway F1 This is a mid-season, stump-rooted variety with excellent and smooth skin. It is tolerant to carrot fly as it is less attractive to the egg-laying flies....

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Carrot Nantes 2 300 Seeds

        Organic Carrot - Nantes 2 This is a favourite variety for successional sowing, with superb flavour and colour. It features blunt ended cylindrical roots with a very small core. Sow in...

        Organic Carrot Napoli F1

        Organic Carrot - Napoli F1This is a versatile early maturing variety that can be sown from early until late. It has strong healthy tops with a good top ratio.For early crops,...

        Organic Carrot Berlicum

        Organic Carrot - BerlicumThis is a late main crop type that produces conical-shape roots of deep red/orange, growing up to 23cm long.For early crops, sow from end Oct to Jan under...

        Organic Carrot Starca F1

        Organic Carrot – Starca F1This is a medium late cropping variety of outstanding quality. It is very uniform in habit and shape and very slow to split, featuring good strong foliage...

        Franchi Organic BIOB23/15 Carrot Berlicum Seeds

        This is a mid-late variety vigorous and productive. The plant produces long, cylindrical, crunchy root with a bright orange colour.