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        Suffolk Herbs Organic Vegetable Cauliflower Goodman F1 40 Seeds

        Organic Cauliflower - Goodman F1 This is an early variety with a vigorous growing habit with well protected, solid, white curds. It matures approximately 80-90 days after transplanting. Sow from January...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Cauliflower Romanesco Veronica

        A Romanesco hybrid suitable for late summer and autumn harvests. Has an attractive curd packed with green florets. Stands well and is full of flavour.

        Organic Vegetable Cauliflower Romanesco Veronica F1

        Cauliflower Romanesco Veronica F1This is organic seed. It is a Romanesco hybrid which has received an RHS award. It is ideal for late summer and autumn harvesting. The attractive curd has...

        Organic Vegetable Cauliflower Goodman

        Cauliflower GoodmanThis is organic seed. It is a very vigorous early variety. The leaves cover the solid white curds. It matures about 90 days after transplanting.Sow the seeds from January to...

        Organic Vegetable Cauliflower Belot F1

        Cauliflower Belot F1 This is organic seed, It produces great quality curds from October through December.Sow the seeds from January to May. The early season sowings may be done undercover in...