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          Franchi Organic BIOB40/13 Chicory Rossa Di Verona Seeds

          Organic Radicchio 'Rossa of Verona'. This is a 'palla rossa' Chicory (red ball) which adds texture and a diverse flavour to your salads. Sow outside. Needs the cold to turn red.

          Suffolk Herbs Organic Chicory Palla Rossa

          Palla Rossa is often called "Radicchio" in Britain. This variety has firm hearts with red/maroon and white leaves for colour in salads.Chicory is a salad addition similar to lettuce but with...

          Franchi Organic BIOB40/18 Chicory Zuccherino of Trieste Seeds

          Green cutting chicory. Cut-and-come-again, fast growing so stagger the sowing for a continuous crop.

          Franchi Organic BIOB40/2 Chicory Grumolo Verde Seeds

          Early producing little bunches of uniform leaves, rounded and intense green which form classic rosettes in spring. Very resistant to cold low temperatures. Sow Mar-Sept.

          Franchi Organic BIOB40/10 Chicory Pan di Zucchero Seeds

          'Sugerloaf'. Upright green variety with long tight head. Used widely all over Italy. RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner.