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          Suffolk Herbs Organic Vegetable Leek Carentan 225 Seeds

          Organic Leek - Carentan This variety produces large thick stems with blue-green foliage for cropping late October to early January. In March or April sow the seeds thinly in a well...

          Suffolk Herbs Organic Leek Bandit

          A quality leek producing good sized blanched white stems and blue green foliage. Stands well over a long period under all weather conditions.

          Suffolk Herbs Organic Leek Atlanta

          A very frost tolerant variety. Plants stand well making them ideal for winter cropping well into the new year.

          Franchi Organic BIOB107/1 Leek Carentan 2 Seeds

          Late variety from France. Medium sized with large leaves and stalk of good dimensions. Resistant to lower temperatures. Dates to about 1880.