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        Suffolk Herbs Organic Vegetable Lettuce Red Salad Bowl 450 Seeds

        Organic Lettuce - Red Salad Bowl This is sometimes referred to as Oak leaf type. It features large heads made up of a mass of serrated leaves of dark red for...

        Franchi Organic BIOB78/24 Lettuce Salad Bowl 4000 Seeds

        The beauty of cutting lettuce is that you use as much or as little as you need. A popular green variety. Approximate seeds quantity:@4000 Sow: from March - September

        Franchi Organic BIOB78/1 Lettuce Bionda Ricciolina Seeds

        Blond cutting lettuce with beautiful soft frilly leaves and a crunchy stalk. Cut-and-come-again. Easy to grow. Sow Mar-Sep

        Organic Vegetable Lettuce Wintercrop

        Lettuce Wintercrop Organic Seed. Wintercrop is a great variety for harvesting in early spring from an autumn sowing. This lettuce is a large butterhead type with sweet leaves..Sow from August onwards,...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Lettuce Maureen (Little Gem Type)

        An excellent quality little gem type with well closed hearts. Full of flavour making this one of the best to grow.

        Organic Vegetable Lettuce Maureen

        Lettuce MaureenOrganic Seed. This is a top quality Little Gem lettuce. Great flavour.Sow from early spring onwards, either in pots undercover or direct when the soil has warmed up. Germination is...

        Franchi Organic BIOB79/5 Lettuce Quattro Stagioni Seeds

        Rustic red lettuce variety. Really beautiful with good flavour, crunchy leaves. Sow: from February - end August

        Organic Vegetable Lettuce Jabeque

        Lettuce JabequeOrganic Seed. This is a medium size dark green cos lettuce with savoyed leaves. A great lettuce with a crisp heart. Great disease resistance.Sow from early spring onwards, either in...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Vegetable Lettuce Saladin 150 Seeds

        Organic Lettuce - Saladin This is a compact 'Iceberg' type with good standing ability. It is resistant to leaf rot and very suitable for spring and summer planting. Early sowings can...

        Organic Vegetable Lettuce Tuska

        Lettuce Tuska Organic Seed. This is lolla rossa type lettuce that has great deep red frilly leaves which reaches a good size and resists boltingSow from early spring onwards, either in...

        Organic Vegetable Lettuce Matilda

        Lettuce MatildaOrganic Seed. This variety produces light green heads with tender leaves. Ideal for Spring to autumn crops. Fast growing and bolt resistant. Great disease resistance. Sow from early spring onwards,...

        Lettuce Oak Leaf Kiribati RZ (83-30) Untreated

        Oak Leaf Lettuce - Kiribati RZ (83-30)   This is a top quality commercial variety from Rijk Zwaan now available for everyone to try. It is foil packed for extra freshness....