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          Mr Fothergills Green Manure Autumn / Winter Mix 100g Seeds

          Green Manure - Autumn/Winter Mix This mix includes clovers to fix nitrogen in the soil, providing nutrients for crops. It also contains rye grass and white mustard to improve soil structure....

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Vegetable - Organic Tomato Cerise - 50 Seeds

          A classic highly popular variety, productive and reliable sweet cherry tomato for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. Indeterminate type that requires support. Sow from January to March for greenhouse crops, March to...

          Mr Fothergills Green Manure Mustard White 70g Seeds

          Green Manure - Mustard White Mustard White revitalises poor soils naturally, quickly producing organic matter that can be dug in approximately 40-50 days from sowing. It is excellent for breaking up...

          Mr Fothergills Salad Rocket 1000 Seeds

          Rocket Rocket can be used to 'pep up' salads. It is easy to grow, and quick to mature, providing an abundance of tangy, spicy leaves. Sow outdoors thinly from April to...

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Flower - Organic Sweet William Cottage Mixed - 100 Seeds

          Charming old-fashioned favourites with large intricately marked and coloured blooms which give reliable and long-lasting displays. Great for cutting. Sow from April to July. Full details on packet.

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Flower - Organic Poppy Field Poppy Mixed - 2000 Seeds

          Classic field poppies in a wide spectrum of colours. Easy to grow and guaranteed to lift any planting scheme with their lively colour and movement. Sow March to May or August...

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Flower - Organic Sunflower Yellow Shades - 60 Seeds

          A beautiful mix of useful mid-sized branching sunflowers in gold, lemon and yellow shades. Perfect for massed displays, screening and cut flowers. Sow from March to May. Full details on packet.

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Flower - Organic Nigella Love In A Mist - 700 Seeds

          Easy-going cottage garden annuals that will quickly fill gaps in the border with their light and wispy foliage and ornate jewel-like flowers. Sow March – May and August to October. Full...

          Johnson Seeds - Climbing French Bean Speckled Cranberry - 50 Seeds

          A great looking and really useful variety. The young pods can be eaten whole from around 8 weeks or left to mature and the succulent shelled beans used fresh at around...

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Flower - Organic Silene Rose Of Heaven - 1000 Seeds

          A traditional favourite producing lovely drifts of light and airy blooms. Perfect for informal borders, cut flowers and cottage gardens. Sow from March to June. Full details on packet.

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Flower - Organic Lupin Annual Dwarf Mixed - 30 Seeds

          A sweet floral fragrance will fill the air from these incredibly quick and easy to grow dwarf lupins. An essential filer for borders loved by bees. Sow from March to May....

          Johnson Seeds - Organic Flower - Organic Lavatera Pink Mallow - 75 Seeds

          Easy to grow bushy plants, covered with strikingly pink, dark nerved flowers which are loved by bees and butterflies. A perfect filer for mixed borders. Sow from March to May. Full...