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        Johnsons Organic Onion Sturon 200 Seeds

        A classic, much loved for its reliable harvests of large straw coloured bulbs. Tastes great, stores well and resists bolting, to give a longer harvest period.

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Onion Sturon 200 Seeds

        Organic Onion - Sturon This variety produces a big, round, yellowish-brown bulb for maincrop production. It features outstanding storage ability and first-class quality and flavour. Early sowings can be made in...

        Organic Vegetable Spring Onion White Lisbon

        Spring Onion White Lisbon Organic Seed. This is a popular variety with lovely mild flavour. It grows quickly and can be harvested over an extended period. Great addition to any salad.Sow...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Onion White Lisbon 400 Seeds

        Organic Onion - White Lisbon This is one of the most popular vegetables for the salad garden. These are white skinned with a delicious mild flavour and are quick growing. They...

        Johnsons Organic Spring Onion Ishikura 350 Seeds

        Popular and easy to grow bunching onion. The tasty stems remain succulent and tender over a long and rewarding harvest season.

        Franchi Organic BIOB43/4 Onion Density Seeds

        Golden onion which stores well. Goes well with Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. Horticultural name: Allium cepa L. Sow: from March - May and August - September

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Onion Hylander F1

        This Superb F1 hybrid shows exceptional resistance to the fungal disease downy mildew. Producing uniform, firm round bulbs of a pale brown colour that will store well.

        Franchi Organic BIOB42/33 Onion Tonda Musona Seeds

        A white Spanish style cooking onion. Good sized bulb with tasty and tender flesh.This is a good storer variety.