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        Organic Vegetable Spinach Giant Winter

        Spinach Giant Winter This is organic seed. This is a winter variety which has large dark green leaves and great flavour. It is very hardy and stands well over winter. It...

        Franchi Organic BIOB127/9 Spinach Gigante Invierno Seeds

        Large upright spinach with smoothish leaves. Recommended for Autumn and winter harvest. Sow: from February - April and August - October

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Spinach Giant Winter 200 Seeds

        Organic Spinach - Giant Winter This is a winter variety with large, lanced-shaped medium green leaves on plants with a spreading habit. Sow in August and September in the growing site...

        Organic Vegetable Spinach American F1

        Spinach American F1 This is organic seed. This is a very fast growing but slow to bolt variety with dark green leaves. The plant has Resistance to downy mildew. Harvest from...

        Franchi Organic BIOB127/18 Spinach America Seeds

        Tasty, tender leaves which are full of iron. Received its name because Italian immigrants would put it in their pockets and took it to Americ