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        Unwins Tomato (Round) Matina (Organic) Seeds

        Delicious early salad variety of tomato with great flavour. Organically produced variety with rich red fruits and firm skin, fruits are flavoursome and come in abundance. The plants are robust and...

        Unwins Herb Parsley Italian Giant (Organic) 450 Seeds

        Flat leaved parsley has a dinstinctive flavour and is great in Mediterranean dishes such as fish, salads and soups. It is easy to grow indoors or outdoors, as it is very...

        Unwins Cucumber Marketmore (Organic) 20 Seeds

        A heavy cropping outdoor cucumber, with a flavour many people prefer to that of greenhouse varieties. They are delicious sliced in salads.

        Unwins Carrot Rothild (Organic) 900 Seeds

        Great sweet flavoured carrots with a high level of carotene content making them excellent for juicing. They're delicious eaten raw as well as cooked. A strong variety that grows well in...

        Unwins Courgette Black Beauty (Organic) 10 Seeds

        Attractive, dark green courgettes produced in abundance over a long period of time throughout the summer. Pick the courgettes when ripe to encourage new ones to grow. Delicious fried in a...