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      Johnsons Organic Kale Westland Winter 40 Seeds

      A robust, medium height variety with dense leafy crowns and great flavour which sweetens after winter frosts. Tender baby leaves can also be used raw.

      Organic Beetroot Detroit

      Organic Beetroot - Detroit Maincrop variety producing large, good quality roots. Sow thinly in shallow drills around 1.5cm (3/4") deep with 30cm (12") between the rows. The best time to sow...

      Organic Herb Basil Greek

      Basil Greek Organic Seed. This basil is a very compact type with loads of tiny leaves with strong flavour. Ideal for salads or when flavouring vinegars and oils.Sow the seed in...

      Organic Aubergine Black Beauty

      Organic Aubergine - Black Beauty A medium early variety producing dark, glossy violet coloured fruit. The fruits are oval to globe shape, up to 12cm in length, with a dark green...

      Organic Salad Claytonia perfoliata Winter Miners Lettuce

      Organic - Claytonia perfoliata - Winter Miners Lettuce This hardy winter green salad crop is said to reduce cholesterol levels. It has good flavour and is high in minerals and vitamins....

      Organic Herb Parsley Grune Perle

      Parsley - Grune Perle This variety features dark green extra-curled leaves and a good flavour. Sow from February to July in modules; it requires a germination temperature of 10C - 25C....

      Johnsons Organic Onion Sturon 200 Seeds

      A classic, much loved for its reliable harvests of large straw coloured bulbs. Tastes great, stores well and resists bolting, to give a longer harvest period.

      Organic Salad Rocket

      Organic Salad Rocket This salad rocket features deeply notched leaves of a good strong flavour. It is slow to bolt and regrows quickly after cutting. Sow Outdoors - February and March...

      Suffolk Herbs Organic Cucumber Marketmore 25 Seeds

      Organic Cucumber - Marketmore This is a medium early ridge type for outdoor protection. It produces thick dark green fruit with small white spines up to 20cm in length. Sow indoors...

      Organic Salad Cress Plain / Common

      Organic Cress - Plain / Common This large leaf variety of cress is very fast growing, which is ideal for children to grow. Sow all year round; grow indoors in pots...

      Johnsons Organic Broccoli (Calabrese) Ramoso 50 Seeds

      A great tasting traditional Italian variety which is fast maturing so well suited to the UK climate. Produces a central head followed by smaller side shoots.

      Organic Vegetable Spinach Giant Winter

      Spinach Giant Winter This is organic seed. This is a winter variety which has large dark green leaves and great flavour. It is very hardy and stands well over winter. It...