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Johnsons - Vegetable - Pumpkin & Winter Squash Collection


Johnsons - Vegetable - Pumpkin & Winter Squash Collection


Pumpkin & Winter Squash Collection

As versatile as potatoes, pumpkins and winter squashes can be stored and used in winter months. They are sweet and tasty roasted, mashed or microwaved and can also be used for autumn decoration.
Butternut F1 - Smooth textured fruit with a small seed cavity, wonderful roasted.
Jack O Lantern - round, elongated deep orange fruits perfect for Halloween.
Rolet - very high yielding variety with dark green, small 'gem' fruits.
Sweet Dumpling - attractive, small rounded fruits ideal for microwaving whole.
Table Queen - prolific dark green acorn variety with yellow flesh.
Turks Turban - high yielding with very attractive, colourful fruits.

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