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            JustSeed - Seedball Tins Bees Wildflower Seeds Gardeners Gift

            JustSeed is proud of this beautifully packed seedball tin.  It makes providing for our bees very easy to do as well as making a lovely gift. A careful selection of native...

            10 x Random mix of our reduced seed packs.

            Due to short sow-by dates these reduced items are a bit older than we would ideally like but do not want to waste them and simply throw them away. This selection...

            Taylors - Hyacinth Carnegie - 5 Bulbs

            These bulbs can be planted indoors for February flower. If planted outdoors will flower March / April. Carnegie has a fragrant pure white flower.

            Taylors - Hyacinth Mixed Colours - 5 Bulbs

            These prepared bulbs are ideal for early flowering indoors. A great mix of colours to fill our gardens

            Taylors - Hyacinth Jan Bos Red - 3 Indoor Prepared Bulbs

            These prepared bulbs are ideal for early flowering indoors. JanBos is a frangrant Carmine Red. Plant in September for Christmas flowering

            Taylors - Hyacinth Jan Bos - Carmine Red - 5 Bulbs

            This Carine Red flowering Hyacinth is ideal for the garden. A wonderfully scented flower.