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            Cocodots - Coir plug pellets for seeds

            Coconut coir plug pellets for seed growing. Reliable fast germination. Improved root growth. For use in pots and seed trays. PEAT FREE

            Thompson and Morgan - Soluble High Potash Feed - 750g

            The summer fertiliser for better blooms and bigger crops, especially tomatoes.

            Coco + Grow - Seed and Cutting Compost

            Coco + Grow - Seed and cutting compost 15lt Fast germination Balanced water retention Improved root growth PEAT FREE

            Coco-Boost Compost

            All-purpose compost with added nutrients. Peat freeMakes 15 litres   Boosts foliage growth Stronger flower and fruit development Enhances overall plant vigour Reduces moisture loss  

            Thompson and Morgan - Soluble Low Nitrogen Feed - 750g

            A summer feed for heathers, conifers, other plants and building up vegetables.

            Thompson and Morgan - Bonsai Tree Fertiliser

            A high phosphate feed with micronutrients specially formulated for Bonsai. Ideal for plants grown in small containers often in artificial light conditions.