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        De Ree Salad Collection 4 Seed Packets

        Salad Collection This collection contains four packets of seeds: Lettuce - Little Gem Spring Onion - White Lisbon Beetroot - Boltardy Tomato - Moneymaker Sowing instruction are on the packet.

        Kings Seeds Cabbage Golden Ace Primo 2 500 Seeds -Discount - Short life

        Discounted - Short Lift. Golden Acre produces excellent small heads of first rate quality and flavour. Can be grown at 30cm spacings or it can be sown early under glass. Cabbage when...

        JustSeed - Seedball Tins Bees Wildflower Seeds Gardeners Gift

        JustSeed is proud of this beautifully packed seedball tin.  It makes providing for our bees very easy to do as well as making a lovely gift. A careful selection of native...

        Cocodots - Coir plug pellets for seeds

        Coconut coir plug pellets for seed growing. Reliable fast germination. Improved root growth. For use in pots and seed trays. PEAT FREE

        10 x Random mix of our reduced seed packs.

        Due to short sow-by dates these reduced items are a bit older than we would ideally like but do not want to waste them and simply throw them away. This selection...

        Thompson & Morgan - Grow Kit - Cut Flower - Includes 5 Different Seed Packets

        These Seed Growing Kits are great presents for any garden lover, or alternatively, just as ideal for someone who might like to kick start their gardening hobby with a selection of...

        Kings Seeds Cabbage Kalibro F1 30 Seeds Discounted SOW BY Sept 2023

        **SHORT SOW BY DATE**Early summer round cabbage, can be sown March or April �for July harvest or sown in �June for October harvesting. Produces small heads 2-2.25kg in weight . Recent...

        Reduced Suffolk Herbs Wild Rocket Diplotaxis Tenuifolia

        Reduced due to sow by date Wild Rocket - Diplotaxis Tenuifolia The leaves of Wile Rocket are much more serrated and darker than the standard Rocket and it is packed full...

        Reduced Parsnip Albion

        This seed still has reasonable germination but is a bit older than ideal. This variety has a very white skin finish which is noticeably slower to discolour. It has an obovate...