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          Sunflower Giant Single Yellow

          Sunflower - Giant Single Yellow - Helianthus annuus This Giant Yellow Single grows to 200 to 300 cm high. It makes an attractive focal point.

          Sunflower Red Sun

          Sunflower - Red Sun The flowers are found in shades of red to bronze on tall, stately stems. They are superb at the back of borders, as an annual screen and...

          Sunflower Autumn Beauty

          Sunflower - Autumn Beauty Autumn Beauty is a new branching type in shades of yellow and red. This variety grows to 100 to 120 cm.

          Flower Sunflower Mongolian Giant

          This sunflower is the one for competitions as it can grow to 14 feet tall and produces giant large flower heads. The large seeds from the flowerhead are edible and product...

          Sunflower Dwarf Big Smile

          Sunflower Dwarf - Big Smile A real dwarf variety that grows to 37cm tall. It has wonderful yellow flowers with a black centre. It takes 55 days to flower from sowing,...

          Mr Fothergills RHS Sunflower Claret F1 40 Seeds

          Stunning wine-red blooms on branching, multi-headed plats. Easy to grow and sensational at the back of a sunny, mixed border. Pollen free so ideal for cut flowers. Winner of an Royal...

          Sunflower Ruby Eclipse

          Sunflower - Ruby Eclipse This variety is a branching type which, as the name implies, has ruby flowers. It makes a good border plant.

          Sunflower Dwarf Teddy Bear

          Sunflower Dwarf - Teddy Bear This is a great pot plant type. It has golden yellow double flowers on a branching plant.

          Flower Sunflower Bambino 50 Seed

          Sunflower - Bambino Approx 50 Seeds Sunflower Bambino produces dwarf, single, lemon yellow medium sized flowers with dark centres. This is a non-branching variety which can reach a height of 40cm...

          Johnsons Sarah Raven's Tithonia Torchlight 100 Seeds

          Tithonia - TorchlightThis variety features luxurious, orange flowers, with petals of plush velvet. This Mexican sunflower remains a favourite summer and autumn flowers for the garden and for picking - and...

          Kings Seeds Sunflower Harlequin Mixed F1 25 Seed

          Attractive mixture of unique bi-colour blooms in a range of colours including a very unusual rose-pink shade. Pollen free blooms on branched plants prolonging the flowering period. Height: 1.2-1.5m

          Mr Fothergills RHS Sunflower Valentine 40 Seeds

          A wonderful variety with numerous smaller blooms on bushy plants with an attractive, well branched habit. Easy to grow for sunny borders or for magnificent cut flowers. Winner of an Royal...