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        Sweetcorn Swift F1

        Sweetcorn - Swift F1   This variety produces extra tender corn, which mature early in the season. It has a dwarf habit with improved performance in cold soils. This super sweet...

        Kings Seeds Sweet Corn Minpop 50 Seeds

        Minipop is specially bred to produce baby sweet corn which is very popular in stir-fry and salad dishes because of how small it is. Sow April to May

        Kings Seeds Sweet Corn Goldcrest F1

        Mid-season variety with a clean tidy habit and excellent husk protection. Outstanding sweet flavour from 19-20cm (8in) long cobs with 14-16 rows of kernels per cob. Sow April to May

        Mr Fothergills RHS Sweet Corn Goldcrest F1 35 Seeds

        A ‘Supersweet’ variety with delicious well-filled cobs. Acclaimed for its flavour and reliability, plants show remarkable resistance to wind damage and disease. Plus, their vigorous growth makes them ideal for the...

        Kings Seeds Sweet Corn Earlibird F1

        A breakthrough in early high quality super sweet sweet corns. Recorded as the earliest cropping sweet corn in Europe. Sweet and tasty, containing many rows of kernals per cob, full to...

        Sweetcorn Ornamental Fiesta

        Sweetcorn - Ornamental Fiesta This is a traditional Indian corn variety producing long cobs with multicoloured grain. The cobs are used mainly for decorative purposes in the UK but often used...

        Sweetcorn Incredible F1

        Sweetcorn - Incredible F1This variety produces a very high quality medium length cob with a good sweet flavour. Sow the seed from April to June. It germinates at temperatures above 18C...

        Kings Seeds Sweet Corn Earliking F1

        Early maturing variety, producing stocky plants, so ideal for growing in exposed areas. Early to harvest sweet cobs of a very good size. Reliable cropper. Sow April to May

        Mr Fothergills Sweet Corn Rising Sun F1 35 Seeds

        A ‘Supersweet’ variety bred to mature quickly for a shorter growing season. Possibly the sweetest early season variety of all! Very Reliable in the UK climate, showing good vigour in cold...

        Sweet Corn Goldcrest F1

        Goldcrest is a mid-season variety with great flavour and cobs upto 20cm long.Sow the seed from April to June. It seeds can be started in modules undercover. It germinates at temperatures...

        Mr Fothergills RHS Sweet Corn Prelude F1 35 Seeds

        A mid to early maturing variety, giving high yielding cobs that fill to the tip, with deep kernels and a narrow core. Plants perform consistently well in most conditions. Winner of...

        Sweet Corn Shoots Royalty F1

        Corn Shoots – Royalty F1 Corn Shoots (also known as popcorn shoots) are vibrant yellow and taste as good as they look. Grown in complete darkness, corn shoots have an initial...