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        Sweet Pea Heaven Scent Mix

        Sweet Pea – Heaven Scent Mix The most scented varieties of sweet peas have been selected and blended to make a superb aromatic mixture. Sow in September in flowering site around...

        Johnsons Flower Sweet Pea Giant Waved Mixed 40 Seeds

        Sweet Pea - Giant Waved MixedThe large, brightly coloured, Spencer type, scented flowers form on long strong stems, which are ideal for cutting, or growing up trellis to make a delightful...

        Sweet Pea Giant Spencer Wave Mix

        Sweet Pea – Giant Spencer Wave Mix This is a superb mixture of large scented blooms of various colours. The plant grows to 2m, and so needs support. Sow in September...

        Sweet Pea Perfume Delight

        Sweet Pea – Perfume Delight This old-fashioned variety, with small flowers, is highly scented and has a good mix of colours. Sow in September in flowering site around 2cm deep. Sow...

        Sweet Pea Matucana

        Sweet Pea – Matucana   This is an amazing old variety, which some say originated in 1543. The deep maroon-purple flowers have blue-mauve wings and a wonderful scent.   Sow in...

        Sweet Pea Galaxy Mix

        Sweet Pea – Galaxy Mix This is an exceptionally vigorous plant that is multi-flowered, with 5-7 blooms on each stem. Galaxy is good for cutting when grown hedge-style. It reaches the...

        Kings Seeds Flower Sweet Pea Mrs Bolton 20 Seeds

        Sweet Pea - Mrs R Bolton Mrs R Bolton is a Spencer type sweet pea which doesn't give off much scent, but what it lacks in scent, it makes up in...

        Kings Seeds Sweet Pea Little Sweetheart 25 Seed

        Extra dwarf habit producing neat compact plants which make terrific pot plants and can be used in all containers and in bedding displays. Height 30cm.

        Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix

        Sweet Pea – Mammoth – Mix This variety grows a wonderful variety of coloured flowers. It makes for excellent cut flowers with long stems and very large flowers. The plant grows...

        Kings Seeds Sweet Pea Mixed Stripes

        All the flowers are beautifully marbled and picoteed onto a cream on white background. The sweetly scented blooms are produced in a fine colour range.

        Kings Seeds Sweet Pea Knee High Mix

        Semi-dwarf mixture that will benefit from some support. Good colours in sharp bold shades with fair fragrance, which grow to a height of 90-100cm.

        Unwins Sweet Pea Heaven Scent Seeds

        Sweet Pea Heaven Scent brings with it all of the features loved by UK gardeners. From its own perspective Heaven Scent will reward you with huge fancy blooms of creamy pinks.