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        Herb Thyme English Winter

        Thyme - English WinterThyme English Winter is a hardy evergreen perennial that has many uses: for flavouring, fragrance, tisanes and medicinal purposes. It has mauve flowers in summer and grows to...

        Kings Seeds Herb Thyme

        Very decorative low shrub with pink flowers very attractive to bees. Use leaves for flavouring meat. Full sun and well drained soil.

        Suffolk Herbs Creeping Thyme 450 Seeds

        Creeping (Wild) Thyme - Thymus Serpyllum This variety features decorative evergreen carpeting with pink flowers that are attractive to bees. It is superb for the rock garden, and can be used...

        Suffolk Herbs Thyme 450 Seeds

        Thyme - Thymus Vulgaris This is a very decorative low shrub with pink flowers that are very attractive to bees. It grows to a height of 37cm and the leaves can...

        Thompson & Morgan Herb Thyme Olde English 450 Seed

        Thyme - Old English This is an old favourite for stews and stuffings. Old English Thyme stimulates the appetite and helps the digestion of fatty foods. Grow Old English Thyme close...

        Thyme Purple Creeping

        Thyme - Purple CreepingThyme Purple Creeping is a creeping, broad-leaved variety with long trailing branches, rooting where they touch the ground. It is suitable for rock gardens, between paving stones or...