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        Celery Golden Self Blanching

        Celery - Golden Self Blanching This variety has creamy white stalks with a mild flavour. It does not need earthing up. To plant outside, sow from March to April, in a...

        Celery Green Utah

        Celery - Green Utah This is a favourite in America. The bright green stalks make fair sized plants.It has good flavour and is nicely crisp. To plant outside, sow from March...

        Kings Seeds Celery Giant Red 1000 Seeds

        Celery - Giant Red Giant Red is a reliable trench variety of celery which is a traditional performer and well worth growing. It is very hardy and has a purple tinge...

        Chinese Celery Kintsai

        Chinese Celery - Kintsai   This type is easy to grow and ready in 2 months from sowing. It has vivid green leaves when cooked. Sow in drills from spring through...

        Kings Seeds Celery Golden Self Blanching 1000 Seeds

        Celery - Golden Self Blanching The stalks of Golden Self Blanching are yellow-green with less flavour than Giant White celery but a lot less work. This variety is ready from about...

        Celery Victoria F1

        Celery - Victoria F1This variety is a mid-green colour with fleshy petioles. It is one of the best flavoured celery varities available and holds for a long time. It is quick...

        Johnsons Celery Hadrian F1 200 Seeds

        Bred in the UK and selected for flavour, the tall stems are an attractive green and show disease resistance, remaining in good condition for a longer harvest.

        Unwins Celery Golden Self Blanching 360 Seeds

        If you love the flavour of celery but cannot be bothered with the 'earthing up' involved in trench celery, this variety is for you! Bred for vigour and uniformity as well...

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Celery Groene Pascal Seeds

        CELERY VERDE PASCAL Mid-early. Tall plant with ample foliage. Full green stalks which are long, large, tender and crunchy.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy - DBO 124/19 - Celery - Dorato Gigante A Canna Piena - Seeds

        CELERY GIGANTIC DORATO � Mid-early. Plant mid-tall with full, large, consistent stalks. Blanch by earthling up at the base for really tender, golden celery.

        Unwins Celery Blush 100 Seeds

        Who said celery had to be green? Brighten your plot and plate up with this pink, blush coloured celery . With a fabulous sweet and nutty like flavour and vibrant coloured...