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        Fennel Sweet Florence

        Fennel - Sweet Florence This is an old traditional variety. It is best used for later summer sowings when there is less risk of bolting. It has a fine flavour and...

        Johnsons Fennel Florence Chiarino 250 Seeds

        Fennel Florence - ChiarinoThis is a fast maturing variety with large, dense, white bulbs with intense aniseed flavour that are delicious roasted or sliced thinly and used raw in salads. Use...

        Unwins Fennel Perfection 250 Seeds

        Fennel - Perfection The swollen leaf bases or 'bulbs' are delicious chopped raw in salads or braised and served with fish or meat. They have a texture similar to celery and...

        Kings Seeds Fennel Sweet Florence 375 Seeds

        Fennel - Sweet Florence Sweet Florence is the old traditional variety which is best used for later summer sowings when bolting is not normally a problem. It has a fine flavour...

        Mr Fothergills Fennel Di Firenze 250 Seeds

        Fennel - Di Firenze This variety produces large, crisp, white bulbs, with a mild 'aniseed' flavour. It is easy to grow and fast to mature. The feathery foliage makes an attractive...

        Kings Seeds Fennel Rondo F1 125 Seeds

        Rondo F1 is a quick growing variety with uniform, round white bulbs. This variety is good for summer and autumn production. A vegetable plant to grace any plot, an attractive vegetable with...

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Fennel Montebianco Seeds

        FENNEL MONTEBIANCO Mid-late. Vigorous plant with green leaves and full read. Large round bulb with crunchy sheaths.

        Unwins Fennel Solaris F1 40 Seeds

        Fennel - Solaris F1 This is a fantastic early maturing bulbing fennel. It is a great intensely flavoured fennel with good all round disease resistance. Its strong aniseed flavour is perfect...

        Fennel Florence Zefa Fino

        Fennel - Florence Zefa Fino This variety has good size bulbs and is resistant to bolting. Sow from March to May.

        Franchi Seeds of Italy Fennel Mantovano Seeds

        FENNEL MANTOVANO - mid early vigorous plant with empty cane. White pods with good dimensions, crispy and profumed.