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        Wild Flower Red Common Field Poppy Papaver Rhoeas

        Wild Flower - Red Common Field Poppy - Papaver Rhoeas   This is the beautiful field poppy that grows freely. It seeds freely and can be grown year after year if...

        Johnsons Wildflower Poppy 2000 Seeds

        PoppyThe field or Flanders poppy with its scarlet 'tissue paper' petals, is the traditional emblem of remembrance. It adds a vivid splash of colour to borders and is a must have...

        Johnsons Sarah Raven's Wildflower Poppy 2000 Seeds

        PoppyNo garden is complete without its brilliant red poppies. Scatter the seed straight into the garden and they'll be quick to flower. If you sear the stem ends in boiling water...

        Suffolk Herbs Wild Flowers Field Poppy 2000 Seeds

        Wild Flower - Field Poppy - Papaver Rhoeas This variety is also known as Corn Poppy, and the large vivid scarlet flowers are familiar to us all. It naturally occurs as...