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Kings Seeds Asparagus Pea 50 Seeds

Kings Seeds Asparagus Pea 50 Seeds

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Asparagus Pea

Asparagus peas are small, winged pods for harvesting when about 3-4cm long. When cooked whole, they have a superb flavour akin to Asparagus. It also grows brilliant scarlet flowers, which can be grown with no support. Also known as winged Pea.

Sow seeds from mid-April to late-May. Make early sowings under cloches, and from mid-April direct into open site in drills 2cm deep, spacing seed 5cm apart. Space rows 35cm apart. Protect seed and young seedlings from bird damage by covering with netting. Keep plants weed free throughout the growing season. Pick pods regularly. Ready to harvest from June to August.

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