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Kings Seeds - Vegetable - Sweet Corn - Sweet Nugget F1 - 50 Seeds


Kings Seeds - Vegetable - Sweet Corn - Sweet Nugget F1 - 50 Seeds


Sweet Corn - Sweet Nugget F1

Sweet Nugget produces medium-long cobs with large, golden kernels. This variety has an excellent sweet flavour. As a super sweet type, the plants will need much more moisture to ensure successful germination. Sweet Nugget is well suited to cooler conditions and harvests from early September. Sweet Corn is a tender vegetable that needs a good summer to produce at its best. Given a sheltered spot and using early varieties, this delicious vegetable is now quite at home in northern counties.

Sow indoors in April to May in 8cm pots using good quality seed sowing compost at 18-21°C. Keep compost moist at all times but do not overwater. Sow direct in May into growing site, 2 seeds per station spacing 45cm between plants in a block formation. Thin to strongest seedling. Module or peat pot raised seedlings should be transplanted when all chance of frost has passed. Do not sow in rows but in blocks 45cm square to aid the pollination by wind. Ready to harvest from July onwards. The cobs are ready when the tassels turn brown.

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