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Kings Seeds - Vegetable - Tomato - Red Robin - 15 Seeds


Kings Seeds - Vegetable - Tomato - Red Robin - 15 Seeds


Tomato - Red Robin

This is a very sweet and very bright red cherry variety. The plants of red robin will grow to about 30cm in height and will continue cropping until late September. This is the ideal variety to grow on the window sill or in pots and makes for an ideal patio addition.

Sow from January to March. Space seeds 2cm apart in trays or in modules under glass at 20-21°C, cover lightly with compost. Also cover container with glass or polythene to retain humidity. Remove glass when seedlings appear. As soon as leaves have formed prick off seedlings in to 9cm (4") pots or thin module seedlings to one per cell. As soon as plants are large enough, plant into 12cm (5") pots and site in a well-lit place. Keep watered and feed with a tomato fertilizer.

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