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Kings Seeds Tomato Beefmaster F1 30 Seeds

Kings Seeds Tomato Beefmaster F1 30 Seeds

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Tomato - Beefmaster

Beefmaster produces extra-large juicy tomatoes which can grow up to 500gm (1lb) each. This variety is ideal for slicing or stuffing. It has an intensely good colour and an excellent meaty type flavour.

Sow seeds from January to April under glass, 0.5cm deep, in pots or trays and lightly cover with a sprinkling of vermiculite or compost. Place containers in a propagator at a temperature of 18–21°C. Prick out seedlings, once large enough to handle, into 9cm pots. Transplant to the greenhouse border soil, or individual large pots, or 3 plants per growbag when 20cm high. Can also be planted outdoors once all risk of frost has past. Plants require side-shooting and support for the best yields. Water and feed plants regularly with a high potash feed once the first truss has set. The tomatoes are ready to harvest from late June.

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