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Flower - Primula Candelabra - Rainbows


Flower - Primula Candelabra - Rainbows


Primula Candelabra – Rainbow

Strong stems hold heavy heads of bright flowers arranged in whorls. These plants are easy to germinate, grow and keep, especially on moist, well-manured ground. These are collected from a combination of the best candelabra colours including scarlet, yellow, pink and purple.

Primula seeds may be sown at any time onto a loam-based compost, barely cover so that around 50% are still visible. Best germination temperatures are between 10 and 15 degrees c. (e.g. a cool, northerly window sill) please note: temperatures exceeding 15 c can prevent germination, and above 20 c expect very little germination as most seeds will go dormant as a protective measure. Germination takes between 3 to 6 weeks, sometimes taking much longer.

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