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Kings Seeds Dwarf French Bean The Prince 125 Seeds

Kings Seeds Dwarf French Bean The Prince 125 Seeds

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Dwarf French Bean - The Prince

The Prince produces long, straight, pencil pods with an excellent flavour. The beans are stringless when picked young, and because of their appearance they make for a good choice for the exhibitor.

Sow from April to June. Early sowings can be made under glass at a temperature of 16°C. Sow into 8cm pots or modular trays filled with seed sowing compost. Outside sowings can be made from May onwards into the growing site 5cm deep. Sow 2-3 seeds every 20cm apart with rows spaced 45cm apart. Seedlings sown under glass should be gradually hardened off before planting outside in late May to the above spacing, once all risk of frost has past. Direct sown seedlings can be thinned out as required. Water regularly during dry weather. Ready to harvest from May to July.


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