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Suffolk Herbs Oriental Vegetables Pak Choi Red 150 Seeds

Suffolk Herbs Oriental Vegetables Pak Choi Red 150 Seeds

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Pak Choi – Red

Red Pak Choi produces beautifully flavoured red-tinged leaves as the plant matures and has a good disease resistance. You can break off the leaves as you need them so that the plant continues to grow. This variety makes a visually different addition to any salad or stir fry.

Sow from May to August. Sow thinly where they are to crop, 1.5cm deep, directly into finely-prepared soil. Sow from May for baby leaf, June onwards for full-size plants. Allow 40cm between rows. It can also be sown into modules filled with seed-sowing compost and transplanted out, filling vacant spaces on the plot. Keep well watered in dry spells. Harvest unthinned as baby leaves, or you can also thin out seedlings or plant out modules 25cm apart to produce mature plants.

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