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Suffolk Herbs Oriental Vegetables Chinese Cabbage Yuki 150 Seeds

Suffolk Herbs Oriental Vegetables Chinese Cabbage Yuki 150 Seeds

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Chinese Cabbage - Yuki

This variety produces short cylindrical heads that are well wrapped and very tasty. It is vigorous in habit and matures early from spring planting. It is also slow to bolt and has good disease resistance with crisp, light green leaves.

Sow from April to July. Early sowings can be made under glass at a temperature of 20-25C. Sow the seed at a depth of 13mm in trays or modules of free-draining seed sowing compost, and then lightly cover the seed with a layer of vermiculite or sieved compost. Later sowings can be sown direct outdoors into a well prepared seedbed. Sow at a depth of 13mm and distance of 30cm between rows. Seedlings under glass can be pricked out into trays and grown on in cooler conditions until all risk of frost has passed, then once they have 2-3 true leaves can be transplanted to the growing site spaced 30-35cm between the plants and 30-35cm between the rows . Those sown direct outdoors can be thinned out once large enough to handle to the same spacings as detailed above. Don't waste the thinnings as these can be eaten as salad leaves.

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