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Thompson & Morgan House Plant - Living Stone Plant - 6 Seeds

Thompson & Morgan House Plant - Living Stone Plant - 6 Seeds

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This popular, easy to grow, succulent looks exactly like small stones. Their camouflage is so effective that even experts mistake them for pebbles. With maturity they produce daisy like flowers from late summer to autumn.

Sow seeds on the surface of a freedraining, gritty compost and cover with a very fine sprinkling of silver sand. Place in a propagator or seal the seed tray inside a polythene bag, maintaining a temperature of 18- 27°C (65-80°F) until after germination, which can be erratic and usually takes 2-12 weeks. Do not exclude light when growing as this helps germination. Keep the surface of the compost moist but not waterlogged.

When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into trays or 5cm (2in) pots of gritty potting mix and continue to grow in warm conditions. Once they are well grown, pot Lithops plant on into 7.5cm (3in) pots, and water carefully until established. Lithops are slow growing so patience is required.

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