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Thompson & Morgan - Flower - Pansy - Mello 21 F1 Hybrid - 25 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Flower - Pansy - Mello 21 F1 Hybrid - 25 Seed


Pansy - Mello 21 F1 Hybrid

Mello 21 has twenty one different shades and bicolours from black through to white. The flowers are an excellent size without being too big, smooth, well rounded, firm and upward facing on compact plants, held clear of the small foliage. A true spring, summer and winter flowering bedding or container pansy. Combining both cold hardy and heat tolerant genetic lines, it features formula mixing of seed to ensure as near as possible a balance of all 21 colours.

For winter flowers sow mid-summer, 1.5mm deep in good seed compost excluding light as darkness is beneficial. Germination usually takes 14-21 days at 19C. Keep the soil just moist and avoid high temperatures which will prevent germination. For summer flowers sow late winter/spring, treat as above and plant out late spring or late summer, when they should be moved to a cold frame and planted out in early spring. When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant and grow cool and plant out in autumn 23-3cm apart in most soils, sun or part shade.

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