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Thompson & Morgan RHS Cabbage Pyramid F1 75 Seed

Thompson & Morgan RHS Cabbage Pyramid F1 75 Seed

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Cabbage - Pyramid F1

This is a British bred pointed cabbage with very good colour, ideal for use as 'greens' and 'hearted greens' for sowing and harvesting all year round. It stands very well, staying in good condition without bolting.

Sow seeds from February to March under glass for transplanting. Alternatively, sow seeds from March to July outdoors, or late September for overwintering. For earliest crops sow seeds in February in seed trays or pots of good seed compost at about 15C, under glass or in a propagator. Outdoors, sow thinly in a prepared seedbed 1-2cm deep. It can also be sown thinly in a broad drill and left unthinned if greens are required. Keep well watered and cover with fine netting to deter birds and cabbage caterpillar attack. Transplant when large enough to handle into well prepared, firm soil allowing 15x15cm for greens and 38x25cm for hearted. Plant firmly with lower leaves just above soil level. Water well until established.

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