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Thompson & Morgan - RHS Vegetables - Dwarf Bean Nomad - 100 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - RHS Vegetables - Dwarf Bean Nomad - 100 Seed


Dwarf Bean - Nomad

This variety produces bumper crops of straight, stringless, dark-green pencil pods, 12-14cm long, that are of outstanding flavour. Heavy yields can be encouraged if picked regularly. This variety also has resistance against the problems of Common Bean Mosaic Virus and Anthracnose. Height: 45cm.

Sow seeds from early May to July outdoors 4-5cm deep in well-prepared soil. Allow 15-20cm between plants and 45cm between rows. Germination and establishment can be poor in cold wet soils; in this case sow seeds in mid April in pots indoors, and plant out from late May. Alternatively, seeds can be sown in March for protected growing in greenhouse. Flowers are self pollinating (no insects required). Pick regularly whilst young to give highest yields and extend the season. Harvest from July to October, or from June with protected growing.

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