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Thompson & Morgan - Vegetable - Parsnip White Gem - 113 Seed


Parsnip - White Gem

This is an excellent, tried and tested variety suitable for virtually any soil type. It produces fine flavoured parsnips with medium length, smooth-skinned roots which can be harvested over a long cropping period. The roots can be stored for use over the winter. Good Canker resistance.

Sow from late April when soil is warm. Germination is slow, around 21-28 days. Do not sow before April to avoid risk of Canker, poor germination and quality. Prepare the soil well by raking until it is fine and crumbly, removing any large stones. Make 1cm drills in the soil spaced 30-45cm apart. Separate the seed tapes at the perforation and if necessary cut to the desired length. Water the open drill so that the seed tape sticks to the soil well. Place the seed tape in the seed drill, along each row. Cover the seed tapes and gently firm the soil down using the back of a rake. Water only when necessary to keep the soil moist. Keep beds weed free at all times. Harvest roots from autumn through to January. Loosen the soil around the roots with a fork before lifting to avoid damaging.

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