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Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Kale - Nero Di Toscana - 250 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Kale - Nero Di Toscana - 250 Seed


Kale - Nero Di Toscana

The fully grown plants of Kale Black Tuscany have attractive dark green, deeply savoyed, strap-like leaves with traditional winter hardiness, making this a useful winter to spring vegetable at a time when fresh garden produce is scarce. Kale Black Tuscany can also be grown as a baby salad leaf ingredient adding texture and a peppery taste to mixed salads.

Sow seeds from March to August for salad leaves or from March to June for mature plants. Sow seeds thinly in a well-prepared seedbed, 12mm deep in drills 23cm apart. Plants can be left unthinned for salad leaves. Ideally fleece against caterpillars and aphids. For mature Kale, Sow seeds into individual pots or a seed tray of a proprietary compost and cover with 6mm of compost or vermiculite, at a minimum of 15C until germination which takes around 7 days. Alternatively, can be sown thinly in a prepared seedbed 13mm deep, allowing 30cm between rows. Harvest in 30 days from sowing during summer and up to 60 days during winter months. Plant firmly and keep well-watered until established.

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