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Thompson & Morgan Onion HiKeeper 80 Seed

Thompson & Morgan Onion HiKeeper 80 Seed

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Onion - Hi-Keeper

The best bulb variety to sow outdoors in autumn for overwintering, Onion Hi Keeper produces quality bulbs, 120g in weight. This variety is ideal for the exhibitor as well as the kitchen, and has good winter hardiness. Onion Hi Keeper can also be spring sown, producing quality bulbs. Prefers rich, moist soil in an open situation.

Sow seeds September outdoors or from March to April for spring sowings. Sow seeds thinly in a good, well prepared, free draining soil 1cm deep. For autumn sowings do not thin until the following spring. Thin seedlings to 1cm apart, using the thinnings in salads. Keep bulbs well fed and watered throughout the growing season. When the leaves start to yellow and fall over, gently fork up the bulbs and leave on the soil surface to ripen. Store dry, sound bulbs in onion nets, used tights or tied in strings in a cool, frost-free, airy place.

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