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Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Spring Onion - Ishikura - 375 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Spring Onion - Ishikura - 375 Seed


Spring Onion - Ishikura

this is a new type of spring onion. Spring Onion Ishikuro does not form bulbs, yet stays white and very straight. They can be harvested pencil-thin or thinner, or left till it's grown as thick as a mature carrot. Because Spring Onion Ishikuro has such a long harvesting period, you rarely waste any and unlike normal types there is not the need to be sowing every three weeks for a continuous crop.

Sow seeds outdoors late winter/early spring just as soon as the ground is workable. Sow seeds thinly in an open sunny site 2cm deep in 30cm wide rows. Thin out when 5cm high to 2.5cm apart. After six to eight weeks, thin plants still further so that those remaining are 1-15cm apart. The thinnings make tasty additions to a salad. Hoe and hand-weed as soon as the seedlings emerge. Mature plants can be pulled in the autumn and used in a similar fashion to leeks.

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