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Thompson & Morgan Sweetcorn Minipop 50 Seed

Thompson & Morgan Sweetcorn Minipop 50 Seed

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Sweetcorn - Minipop

Grow your own tiny corn cobs for Chinese cooking and casseroles. Harvest the delicious tiny, tasty sweetcorn cobs of Sweetcorn Minor fresh from your garden, it is so much tastier than the tinned variety. The baby corn are harvested before pollination just as the 'silk tassels' begin to show.

Sow seeds in mid spring 4 weeks before last expected frost in your area, singly 1cm deep in 7.5cm pots of compost. Germination usually takes 6-10 days at 21-24C. Plant out 4-5in apart in rows 8in apart when all danger of frost has passed in blocks of short rows rather than one long row. A warm sheltered position in fertile, moist yet free draining soil is best. Keep free of weeds and water regularly. Harvest the tiny cobs when the silks first show above the husks. What you are harvesting is the immature corn on the cob. Under ideal conditions each plant should bear 4-6 cobs. If you forget to harvest on time a normal sweet corn will be produced but you will have prevented the plant from developing more cobs throughout the season.

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